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Oracle Licensing Services

The Bold Advantage

Bold is a specialist in Oracle Licensing and Cloud Services. Our experts have 20 years of Oracle experience and deep knowledge of Oracle Licensing. We ensure our customers get the right products and the right pricing and terms. We maintain a deep knowledge of Oracle business practices, dynamic licensing rules, and sales strategies to drive significant cost savings for our customers. We are involved in many license reviews and negotiations each year - visibility that cannot be matched as a single customer. Our Functional and Technical Experts have the deep product knowledge to help ensure our customers license the right Oracle products. 

License Assessment

Taking control of your Oracle Costs begins with a detailed assessment. It's critical to understand your entitlements, risk, projected future costs, and all licensing options. The assessment serves as the roadmap to a better long term licensing strategy.

Software Asset Management 

Real-time accurate insight into your organization's Oracle deployments helps to better negotiate licensing contracts, plan budgets, avoid over-provisioning costs, and eliminate the risk of being non-compliant. A central license management service benefits operations support teams in many ways including Standardize Provisioning, Simplified RCA, Improved Security Management, EOL Management, and Identification and Reduction of Technical Debt.

Oracle Licensing is complex - multiple license metrics, models, types, editions, and bundles can cause confusion.  There are thousands of products, numerous price lists, licensing prerequisites, limitations, and minimums.  Agreements can also be customized. In some cases license types can be negotiated that may not be commercially published  Special terms can significantly impact the long term value of software assets.   Oracle makes many changes to License and Service Agreements each year and keeping track of these changes can be challenging and time-consuming.

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